The creator of Succession feels "deeply confused" about the end of the series - /Film (2023)

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The creator of Succession feels "deeply conflicted" with the ending of the series

The creator of Succession feels "deeply confused" about the end of the series - /Film (4)

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Like it or not, Succession is coming to an end after only four seasons. Fans were not ashamed to voice their opposition to the decision online, which was largely due to itseries creator Jesse Armstrongbut what does Armstrong himself think of his beloved brain jumping to conclusions so early and why did he decide to come out with such a colossal orgasm?

When Armstrong first suggested ending the series in season four, he hoped that other writers would convince him to continue for another season - which would provide a new direction for the story.

"The word that comes to mind is 'natural.' I hope that when people see this season they will be in their natural form," Armstrong explained.typCome back in March. "That's how I present my proposal to my writers' room like I'm hoping to get a fight out of it so we can find a way to do more seasons because I love working with these guys. I think there's a sense of integrity, the rightness of the format of the show."

It's important to Armstrong and other writers that each character's storyline has a natural ending, rather than being too popular on screen to enjoy their popularity. Despite this sound reasoning, the series creator remains skeptical of his controversial call to end the series.

"So I feel conflicted [by saying goodbye]," he saidNew Yorker"I'm sad. I feel like the circus has left town, and anyone who makes a good production has that feeling, especially this one."

Armstrong was somewhat haunted by the last episode

The creator of Succession feels "deeply confused" about the end of the series - /Film (5)

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Armstrong considered ending the series several times before officially announcing it to the press. "It was a bit of torture," he admitted to The New Yorker. But he always knew the show would end sooner or later.

"You know, there's promise in the title 'Inheritance,'" the show's creator noted. "I never thought it would last forever. The ending has always been on my mind. Since season two I've been trying to think, is this next, or next, or next It?"

Despite his determination to step down, Armstrong found it difficult to say goodbye. The showrunner didn't entirely dismiss the idea of ​​returning to these beloved characters — in fact, he almost anticipated it.

"I thought I'd be a little lonely wandering the streets of London thinking, 'What the hell have I done?'" - he said. "I'll probably call [The New Yorker] in about six months and ask people if they're ready for a reboot."

Armstrong is not solely responsible for the conclusion of the series. He insisted that he explore the open possibility with his fellow writers before finally deciding that a concise fourth season would be the best conclusion to the series.

“I walked into the writers' room for season four and said, 'I think we'll do that, but we're also going to keep it open,' Armstrong recalls. and then really opening up in other ways. The decision to quit is reinforced by writing [...]"

He waited for the final table to be read before telling the actors

The creator of Succession feels "deeply confused" about the end of the series - /Film (6)

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When he finally announced to the cast that "Succession" was coming to an end, Armstrong couldn't help but take a step forward for the future of the franchise. "[...] Even when we started filming, I said to the actors, 'I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think so,'" he admitted. "Because I don't want to intimidate them either."

The actors were told Armstrong's decision came laterThe watch shows the last episode of the program."I was very depressed," recalled lead actress Sarah Snook in an interview.Los Angeles times“I feel very lost, disappointed and sad. It would have been nice to know at the beginning of the season, but I also understand that it is only told at the end, because there is still a possibility that it is not over."

Like any good professional, Snoke was able to put his feelings aside and rely on Armstrong's creative instincts. She also saw the sober side of his calls - it was always better to go out happy than to stay longer. "Emotionally neither of us were ready to finish the show because we loved each other so much," she admitted. "But everything must come to an end and it's wise not to let anything be a parody of itself."

Some cast members see potential in season five

The creator of Succession feels "deeply confused" about the end of the series - /Film (7)

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Many of the Snook cast shared her views, including her onscreen half-brother Alan Ruck. “I think our writers definitely got everyone moving in the right direction. I do," he saidbumperStill, the actor couldn't help but admit he could sign on for another season to play Roy's eldest son - and he suspects many of his peers feel the same way. “If Jesse could figure out a way to make it last five seasons, I would want it to last five seasons,” reveals Ruck. "I wish, I think we all feel this way for a lot of different reasons."

Apparently, Armstrong came up with some unusual ideas for season five that were enough to make Rook's TV brother, Kieran Culkin, prick up his ears. "Jesse described me all season before we started filming," the actor recalledVanity purse"I asked him a question and when he answered I said, 'Well, that sounds like the end of the show.' And he replied, "Yeah, yeah." "But then he just came up with three different ideas for season five that he claimed he forgot about. I thought, 'I'm just here to say what I think. But they sound all great." "

As for whether the finale will solve any unsolved issues, Culkin said don't hold your breath. "It feels like the end, but it also feels like there could be more," he said with great tact. “So that made me understand his struggles. He struggled all season when we were shooting. He said, "Really? This is the end. But I'm not sure." He didn't tell us [that was the last episodes] until we read the last episode."

The piece ends in a really sequential way

The creator of Succession feels "deeply confused" about the end of the series - /Film (8)

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In the end, Armstrong decided that ending the program early was a risk he was willing to take. It's clear he'd rather end the show early than continue, die out, to use a word of his choice, "of course."

“[I'm afraid] it's going to take too long. Not in theory. I don't think there is an ideal number of seasons for a show. It's a habit, right? It's weird," said series creator Kara Swisher, host ofevent podcast"There's a lot to this show and I think the dynamic can continue and we'll be happy to write about it, but it has business, cultural and political elements — elements of the show that aren't necessarily everyone's favorite — that are heartbreaking," explained he out. “But if we try to extend the legacy business content beyond its natural length, I think people are going to feel like zombies; the body is alive, but the heart is gone."

Despite some hints of a spinoff, the show's creator is adamant that he doesn't think "none of the [characters] are right for a proper TV spinoff."deadline.While it's true that Armstrong has abandoned the idea of ​​a full-fledged spin-off, he's not ruling out a movie or special series...right?

Whether or not he returns as Legacy, Armstrong stands by his decision to end the series, even though he has mixed feelings about it. His actors understood the abrupt ending perfectly - it is in keeping with the nature of the play. "I thought the show ended in perfect 'sequential' fashion," Ruck explainedbumper"I think it's satisfying, I think it's crazy too, but that's what our show does."


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