The 5 best fryer liners (and 1 to avoid) that make cleaning the fryer easier (2023)

I recently found a way to clean the fryer without cleaning it. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Enter deep fryer liners!

The food does not stick to the frying basket. If you protect the bottom of the fryer, it's less likely to scratch, food won't stick together, and it's easier to clean.

While air fryer inserts aren't necessary, they improve cooking in more ways than one. And since they're so cheap, there's really no reason not to at least give it a try.

The best fryer liners

These liners are supposed to make cleaning the fryer easier, but not all of them work as advertised.

We ran into issues with most of the models we tried. Still, Loveuing 9.1 inch disposable paper fryer liners and infrared fryer silicone mat and reusable liners work well.

One of our favorite inlay sets is made from parchment paper and the other is made from silicone. Both sets are lightweight and have low sides, which allow heat to circulate around the food without increasing cooking time. We usually don't need to clean our fryer baskets because the liners trap the grease and sticky glaze.

These are the fryer inserts we've tested and we think they're the best you can get right now.

Loveuing 9.1 inch disposable paper fryer liner

We love that these disposable liners don't stick and we don't have to clean them or the fryer basket. They were strong enough to hold the burgers and salmon fillets when we removed them from the fryer, yet thin enough to allow the heat to reach the food.

They are also low enough on the sides that the heat can easily penetrate the food. Best of all, they fit the size and shape of our winning fryer without wasting an inch of cooking space.

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A set of reusable silicone mat and liners for the Infraovens fryer

This set of silicone inserts comes in three different styles. We decided to test the one that works with most foods. The sides of this insert are the best part of the design. They are short enough for air to reach the food, but long enough for the fat to stay inside.

The ultra-thin silicone construction dissipates heat better than thick silicone constructions, and the network of short, raised ridges lift food to allow air to flow underneath. Thanks to these things, cooking is fast.

The inner container does not stick to the pan and is easy to clean. Two problems: the insert is not large enough to cover the entire cooking surface of the basket, which sometimes causes the fries to overflow. Baskets should be wiped clean quickly after use. The bottom of the liner is also difficult to remove from the hot basket.

We recommend taking out the cooked food to allow the filling to cool before folding and removing the corners.

SMARTAKE deep fryer silicone pot, easy to clean deep fryer accessories

This liner, which looks like a square baking dish, perfectly absorbs drips, so we do not have to clean the frying basket. It is easy to clean. By rinsing in the sink and then washing in the dishwasher, you'll remove most of the food stuck to it.

We also like how easy it is to get food out with the tongs on the handle, how low the sides are, and how the 1.5mm thick silicone construction helps with airflow and heat transfer. Because it's so small there isn't much cooking space so the food is crowded and a bit unevenly cooked.

Disposable paper liner for TOGOO fryer

The low sides of these plate inserts allow air and heat to circulate more easily, so food cooks quickly and evenly.

There is no greasy and sticky frosting on the sides and the liner material is really non-sticky. The liners are a bit wrinkled around the food we cook with them and sometimes it's hard to grab and pull the liners out without spilling.

Silicone frying pan for the WAVELU fryer - an alternative to flammable parchment

We love the way this cylindrical silicone liner absorbs all the grease and drips so we don't have to clean the fryer basket and hotplate.

Unfortunately, the liner itself is difficult to clean because it is not completely non-stick. The sugar-baked glaze was very difficult to remove and even after washing the silicone a few times in the dishwasher, stubborn dirt remained.

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We need to scrub the silicone liner more than the frying basket.

The high sides of this liner impede airflow and the 3mm thick silicone makes it difficult for heat to reach the food effectively resulting in longer cooking times.

Airware Aeromats Pro Reusable Air Fryer Liners (Not Recommended)

Food does not adhere well to this non-stick coating and grease and grime seep through the holes and fall off the edges. These things keep them from shortening cleaning time. While these are the largest sizes the brand offers, the liners were too small for our frying basket.

Buying guide for disposable baking paper for fryers

The sudden popularity of ready-to-use fryer liners has us wondering: Can these liners clean faster and give us a better way to avoid scrubbing?

Airfryers are lined with parchment or silicone. Parchment containers are disposable, but silicone containers are reusable and generally dishwasher safe. We tried both and paid particular attention to the ones that were the best size for our winning fryer.

Some liners, regardless of what they are made of, have holes or slits to aid airflow, while others do not. Some models are flat, others have sides, such as a pie plate or square baking dish, that can hold food and fat.

Some silicone models have raised edges or spikes on the bottom to allow air to flow under the food, ensuring even cooking.

We made gooey salmon, greasy burgers and melted cheese, and a batch of frozen fries. Most models don't work well because they cause grease to leak out or stick to food.

Most of the models we tested didn't work very well, but a few did, meaning we didn't have to clean up after cooking. Many frying baskets are not dishwasher safe. So after a long day in the kitchen, it's a good idea to toss the silicone dishwasher or paper container in the trash.

what to search for

Tough, non-porous liner

One of the benefits of air frying is that the hot air moves around the food and crackles it from all sides. Some of the pads we tested had holes in the surface that helped with this, but didn't hold grease or dirt very well. They didn't do much to keep them clean and we had to wash our fryer baskets as often as we did when we weren't using the liners.

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The holes are for hot air to pass under the food. Instead, they let grease and grime through, defeating the carpet's purpose of speeding up cleaning.

Parchment paper or thin silicone

As for the material, the thinner it is, the better. Parchment paper is ideal because it has a fairly high thermal conductivity. This means it allows heat to flow through the food, keeping crumbs and grease in place. Silicone isn't very good at dissipating heat, but some models are thin enough to allow heat to pass through. We like silicone ear tips that are less than 2mm thick.

The right liner for your machine

We ordered the largest model we've seen. Some inserts were still too small for our winning fryer's 10-inch square basket. This limits the food we can cook and the space we have to cook it.

We like inserts that are at least 9 inches wide, and square inserts work best because they are the same shape as the winner's basket. The companies that make our favorite liners produce liners in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the right fryer basket for your fryer basket. Before you go shopping, you should measure your basket.

Frying baskets and containers come in many different shapes and sizes. Do your research to find the right model for your shopping cart. Our successful brand produces sanitary napkins in different sizes, so you can choose the size that suits you.

low side

Liners that look like tart pans or square baking pans are good at trapping grease and crumbs, but some liners have higher sides to prevent heat transfer. We like models with lower sides that you can put food in but don't impede airflow. The sides of our favorite inserts are no more than 4.5 cm high.

what to avoid


Perforated liners are designed to allow air to flow, allowing grease or sticky icing to pass through, rendering them nearly useless. They did not restrict cleaning. Using a reusable perforated model basically means you have one more piece that can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher.

thick silicone

Heat is more difficult to transfer through a thicker silicone liner than a thinner silicone or parchment liner, so food takes an average of 3 to 4 minutes to reach the correct temperature.

Heat cannot pass through the thick silicone, so the heat comes directly from the top element. This causes the food to cook at different speeds (left). Thinner paper allows heat to pass through it, so food cooks more evenly and gently (right).

liner too small

Many of the pots we ordered were too small even though they said they would use a bigger fryer like the winner we chose. They reduce the size of the fryer's cooking area and the amount of food it can hold, causing food to compress and cook unevenly.

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high side

Some models have higher sides that prevent the hot air from moving and reaching every part of the food being cooked.

The fans move the hot air in the fryer, that's how they work. The liner on the high sides blocks airflow and extends cooking time.

Other Considerations

peaks and ridges

Some silicone liners have ridges or spikes on the cooking surface that lift the food and allow air to flow underneath. Spikes or ridges no more than 12 inches (30 cm) high hold food above the ground to allow hot air to flow under the food. Higher elements cut into the space that can be used for cooking.

common problem

Can the fryer be lined with paper?

Yes, you can use rolled parchment paper or special perforated parchment paper for the fryer. This is a great way to reduce cleaning time.

Perforated parchment lining makes cooking and cleaning easy. However, you can always use regular parchment paper in the fryer and it is recommended for foods such as biscuits. This way the cookies do not fall through the holes or grids.

Which liner can the airfryer use?

The most commonly used are parchment, unbleached paper, bamboo and silicone. Whatever you want to cook or whatever type of fryer you have, there are different types of inserts.

Can I line the bottom of the fryer with baking paper?

Yes, exactly. In fact, this is the best way to keep your fryer clean and your food tasty. Deep frying in the deep fryer is the best way to get crispy, tender meals with less oil.

Which paper on the bottom of the fryer?

parchment. Parchment paper is often used in basket fryers instead of oven or paddle fryers to prevent food from falling through the holes in the basket.

Final thoughts on the best fryer liners

Of course, the fryer liner sounds too good to be true. But believe us; we've tried and tested it and can confidently say it's one of the easiest and most stress-free ways to cook with an air fryer.

One of our favorite inlay sets is made from parchment paper and the other is made from silicone.

(Video) Does AIR FRYER Parchment Paper HELP or HURT your Air Fryer Food?

Loveuing Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner iInfraoven silicone frying matVery light with a low profile. This allows the heat to flow around the food without extending the cooking time.

Most of the time we don't need to clean our frying baskets because the liners retain the grease and sticky glaze.

try it!


The 5 best fryer liners (and 1 to avoid) that make cleaning the fryer easier? ›

These disposable liners do have their benefits. Yes, they make cleanup a cinch and their perforated design makes them safer to use in an air fryer than the typical parchment paper sold by the roll.

Is it better to use air fryer liners? ›

These disposable liners do have their benefits. Yes, they make cleanup a cinch and their perforated design makes them safer to use in an air fryer than the typical parchment paper sold by the roll.

Are parchment or silicone liners better for air fryer? ›

Parchment was ideal because it has relatively high heat conductivity, meaning it allowed circulating heat to penetrate the food while still containing crumbs and grease. Silicone has lower heat conductivity, but some silicone models were thin enough to allow heat to circulate.

What can I line my air fryer with to keep it clean? ›

Lining your air fryer basket with a round of parchment paper is the perfect way to keep your air fryer squeaky clean and slash the time it takes to clean up.


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