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Access Management provides technical support for external customers on integration with clearing house applications using SAML SSO, OAuth 2, Open ID framework.

access controlResponsibilities and Responsibilities

Writing an effective access management job description starts with describing your duties, responsibilities, and expectations. We've provided an access management job description template for you to customize and use.

Examples of duties in this position include:

Automate app reauthentication, account sharing, and workflow

Lead your team to recommend, develop and execute automation and systems integration using business data in conjunction with ServiceNow

Data flow architecture, reporting, user interface

Develop, implement and support IAM recertification training with business stakeholders

Manage both business stakeholders and project members, deadlines and goals

Conducting meetings with stakeholders from the business and/or members of the project team

Develop best practices and create documentation to manage the security posture of global AD environments

Coordinate with software vendors for new releases, report support incidents

Consistently mitigate Privileged Access Management (PAM) risk by taking the lead throughout the IT risk management lifecycle

Contribute privileged access content to information security standards, including logical access and infrastructure, and supporting documentation, including privileged access definitions, account types/approval matrix

access controlqualifications

Qualifications in job descriptions can include education, certifications, and experience.

Licensing or Certificationaccess control

List any licenses or certifications required for this feature:CISSP, CISA, CISM, ITIL, CRISC, ACCS, CCNA, GIAC, ABAC, RBAC

education foraccess control

Often jobs require a certain level of education.

Employers in access management roles often expect their potential employees to have relevant qualifications such asUndergraduate an associate degreeexistcomputer science, education, management, engineering, computer science, business, information systems, technology, technology, information security

Skillaccess control

required skillsaccess controlswitch:

desired experienceaccess controlswitch:

Risk awareness and awareness

Minimum 3 years of general IT security or access management experience on various infrastructure platforms

Substantive expertise in the field of IT security concepts, policies and controls at financial institutions

Learn more about Microsoft Office Suite 2010 products

Industry knowledge of identity and access management strategies and the ability to make improvements to existing processes and tools to improve overall performance

Understand the principles involved in managing users of enterprise applications with privileged access

access controlexample


Description of the access control feature

Example job description


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Our company wants to act as an access control. View the list of responsibilities and qualifications to join our growing team.

Access control responsibilities

  • Maintain PAM roadmap to address emerging threats and gaps and risks to industry opportunities
  • Define and maintain high-level requirements, processes, including checkpoints, process checklists, and PAM-related support materials
  • Help security teams translate standard and high-level processes into detailed processes and services
  • Support/use information security/IT risk awareness and communication activities to better understand PAM, service usage in technical teams through content delivery, documentation development and staff meeting/training
  • Oversee evidence testing by front-line IT risk teams
  • Focus on new onboarding, moving and exit processes
  • A true technical director who knows how to inspire creativity and technical leadership in his team
  • Mainly implementing Trend Micro AV, IDF and DLP system support
  • System support for Symantec SEP and McCafee EPO customers as needed
  • Ensure daily close coordination with customers, other support levels and remote locations

Rights to manage rights

  • Good understanding of the audit framework and methodology
  • In-depth knowledge of mainframe and SAS will be an added advantage
  • Deep understanding of tools, processes, and capabilities to streamline fine-grained controls related to privileged access
  • Get an in-depth understanding of operational management processes and procedures by accessing technical support
  • Graduates with minimum academic qualifications (BSc in Commerce/other relevant education)
  • Minimum of 8 years experience in OA financial services and 5 years experience in TL


Description of the access control feature

Example job description


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Our innovative and growing company is seeking people for the position of Access Manager. View the list of responsibilities and authorities. While this is our ideal list, we will consider applicants who don't necessarily have all qualifications, but who have sufficient experience and talent.

Access control responsibilities

  • May be required to develop standard operating procedures, conduct informal and formal training sessions, and support team leaders on key technical projects
  • Track the status of PAM programs and projects in the RBC enterprise
  • Provides Enterprise Identity Management (IM) knowledge and insight, working with management to shape, shape and expand IM services footprint
  • Collaborate with internal and external resources to define, design, build, test, and deploy enterprise IM solutions
  • Ensure the technical architecture and vision of the customer's application platform
  • Train other team members on IM best practices
  • Monitor the quality and productivity of individual employees and provide real-time feedback
  • Provide leadership and direction to your access management team
  • Create seamless engagement and service processes
  • Increased use of automation and use of services to reduce time to market

Rights to manage rights

  • Ability to study and understand physical security access control systems
  • Ability to understand and follow Java EE programming code
  • Must have experience with Trend Micro Office Scan Suite, IDF Client and DLP products
  • Must have experience working as an administrator in a multi-domain AD environment in an enterprise
  • Understanding Group Policy and AD Replication
  • SQL - Experience in query building and reporting


Description of the access control feature

Example job description


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Our growing company was looking for access control. Thanks in advance for reading the list of duties and qualifications. We look forward to receiving your resume.

Access control responsibilities

  • Provide offline access to supplier selection and qualification, negotiate contracts, and manage periodic performance reviews of strategic senior relationships
  • Provide strong technical leadership to guide teams in delivering critical project outcomes while guiding well-managed operations for long-term project sustainability
  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders to understand application requirements, correlate issues with experience, and educate them by providing key operational metrics
  • We've significantly improved our Privileged User Access, SSO, Ping, and VPN status
  • Support in managing scope of work negotiations with external vendors/integrators
  • Troubleshoot credential management issues on-premises and in the cloud
  • Manage a passionate team of identity/privileged access management experts
  • Overcome credential management challenges with credential provisioning programmatically
  • Use Windows scripts, scheduling tools, and monitoring tools
  • Develop and maintain a technical and operational roadmap for privileged security infrastructure components, including but not limited to intrusion prevention/detection, user monitoring, vaults, least privilege, and security event information management (SEIM)

Rights to manage rights

  • Relationship Management with CSTS Support Partners, TRMIS Business Risk Management Team, Human Resources Team, Access Services Team
  • Experience leading a team of IT professionals in global procurement in a highly clouded environment
  • Recognized as a master of continuous improvement
  • Analytical thinkers focused on systems and end-to-end processes
  • Ability to study and understand federal, state or local regulations related to corporate, PCI, CPNI, SOX, HIPAA and data
  • Leverage and develop tools and frameworks that leverage machine learning capabilities (H2O/Spark Mllib/AWS ML) to provide predictive analytics for identity and access management data


Description of the access control feature

Example job description


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Our company is growing rapidly and is looking for experienced candidates for positions related to access management. View the list of responsibilities and qualifications to join our growing team.

Access control responsibilities

  • Oversee the creation and implementation of governance to ensure the future success of the program
  • Work closely with LOB, IAM and InfoSec partners to mitigate risk and minimize friction
  • Lead a geographically distributed matrix team of information security engineers, IAM engineers and project participants
  • Build long-lasting relationships with colleagues from other financial institutions by actively participating in industry forums such as FS-ISAC, BITS, IANS, ISF
  • Enforce department policies and procedures
  • Influencing the contributions of trade associations, customers, suppliers and peers to the specialization
  • Decisions affect the success of project deliverables, deadlines and budgets
  • Develop business relationships with customers
  • Functions that require the application of basic principles in a broad and often unpredictable environment
  • Understanding the relationship between specific and broader customer/organizational requirements

Rights to manage rights

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in identity management and deployment technologies
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in delivering and managing technical solutions and projects in a technical or managerial position
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, engineering, mathematics or military experience
  • Minimum 3 years of implementation experience
  • Master's degree in Business, Commerce, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, Information Systems Management of Information Technology Management
  • Previous experience in Lean, Six Sigma or other business process methodologies


Description of the access control feature

Example job description


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Our company is growing fast and we are looking for someone to manage access. View the list of responsibilities and authorities. While this is our ideal list, we will consider applicants who don't necessarily have all qualifications, but who have sufficient experience and talent.

Access control responsibilities

  • Have and apply extensive knowledge of concepts and principles or demonstrate technical knowledge related to server infrastructure and web application support
  • Ability to understand how concepts relate to design or architectural work
  • It usually works with minimal direction or direction
  • Freedom to make certain decisions or change procedures
  • Application of basic behavior of the master
  • Recommend processes and methods for auditing and resolving non-compliance with information security standards
  • Regularly test and review information security mechanisms and technologies to ensure policy compliance
  • Responsible for technical support of access control tools and technologies
  • Collaborate with product suppliers to solve complex problems
  • Participate in discussions on new initiatives, architectural development projects, proof of concept technologies and discussions with product suppliers as appropriate

Rights to manage rights

  • Technical experience with certain identity and access management solutions such as Dell One Identity Manager, Sailpoint, RSA Aveksa, Oracle Identity Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager, NetIQ or similar solutions
  • Ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously
  • Ability to take responsibility for problems and lead solutions
  • Ability to adapt to change and contribute as a key resource in small teams to achieve team goals
  • Experience with data integration
  • Experience in managing large files using MS Excel and MS Access

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