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It only took another half hour to get back to the base of the mountain where Eiro quickly got Sammy to safety and then collected Leon from Gondos before Eiro only glanced at the gate leading into the city.

Apparently, the others were already on their way here. At least Eiro heard Aria move as she pulled the carriage, so it probably should be as long as they didn't do it themselves.

Just a few minutes later, the carriage passed through the gate, and while Aria was definitely a little excited walking in here right now, the remaining miasma made it seem like they were a little excited. You should get used to it in no time.

Soon, the carriage stopped in front of them and the children got off as Arc jumped out of the front seat of the carriage. "Are you okay?" He asked immediately. Eiro just nodded his head quickly. "Okay, it just seems to be a side effect of unlocking it." The demon asked as he took the slime core from the bottle in his backpack and looked at it. A few moments later he heard the answer.

"Yes, it is... It's pretty hard on someone's body... B-But they should be exhausted..." the slime core explained, to which Eiro quickly nodded. head, glad to have such confirmation. This was the main reason why Eiro decided to take the slime core with him so that he could have an "expert" seal and open it for the first time.

He could kill it later or find another use for it, but either way, Eiro was happy that Leon's abilities made him more submissive.

Avalin quickly came running over to Eiro to hug his leg tightly, so Eiro just bent down to quickly pick it up. However, she noticed that the others were looking at him in confusion.

"Ah right, sorry. You can't hear it, I forgot. This is the 'monk' we met earlier. Actually, it turned out to be a slime created in the temple. He must know a bit about seals, so maybe have him with you." not a bad idea." The demon explained to them, “I was just told that removing a seal like this is a normal reaction. Yours Breathing and heart rate are also normal, so they should be fine.”

"Was it slime? But..." Rudy muttered to himself, "He looked completely human, didn't he?"

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"Mmm, it's a special slime evolution that can deform to a certain extent. But don't worry, it won't come out of the bottle." Eiro confidently explained to them before looking at the two who were still sleeping.

“We'll spend a bit of time here until we can make sure Leon can control his unique abilities. Otherwise, we'll be doing a lot of damage wherever we go.” The demon pointed and then slowly turned to Felix, after all, he couldn't hear what Eiro had just told them, so he had to try to explain the situation to him, probably in writing.

The demon then quickly pulled out his notebook from its treasury and opened it as he held it out to Avalin. "Would you do me a favor and save it for a while?" Eiro asked with a smile on her face, and the young woman quickly agreed to her request so that Eiro could quickly take his pen from her treasury and write correctly in the book. .

"Can you show it to Felix?" The demon looked at Avalin and the girl nodded quickly with a strange smirk. When the writing was in front of the young man, Felix read it as fast as he could and then raised his head to look at Eiro.

"So are you… okay?" Felix asked him. Without hesitation, Eiro just nodded and apparently left Felix quite relieved. And then Eiro kept writing in the notebook to ask Felix to do something for him.

"What about you?" He muttered in surprise, “Would you like me to…help Samantha…with…practice?” Felix asked, apparently struggling with words from him again. Again, Eiro just nodded and wrote something in the notebook.

- Do not worry everything will be fine. They are not affected by your voice and are experienced with these abilities. Eiro wrote, and when Felix raised his head, Eiro was already making the hand signal to say "please", which made Felix wince before nodding silently.

With a smile on his face, Eiro then turned to Rudy and Arc: "Can you go out and buy us something to eat? You don't have to cook tonight so don't worry. And take Gondos with you, he can help you load up." everything." Eiro suggested.

"Are you sure you don't want me to cook?" Rudy asked as he looked at Sammy and Leon, but Eiro just shook his head. "I'm sure you're exhausted too, so really, it's okay if you buy us something" the demon told him and the young man nodded slowly.

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"Well thanks." She said with a smile and then looked at Arc, who was trying to tie Aria to a tree despite being so scrappy at the moment. It seemed that Lugo was actually behaving quite similarly to the two. It was as if he was nervous behind that barrier. So, Eiro tried to get him to lie down for a bit so he could get used to it.

And when Rudy, Arc, and Gondos headed back out the door after receiving more money from Eiro, the demon looked at Clementine, "Can you take Avalin with you for a bit? I want to try a few things." Eiro explained and quickly handed the girl over to Clementine, "No! I want to stay with Daddy!" Avalin exclaimed, grabbing Eiro again, though Clementine frowned sadly.

"Awe... so you don't like me...?" she asked in a low voice and immediately Avalin turned and looked at Clementine, "Nu! I love you too!" Avalin yelled and moved quickly to hug Clementine's neck and face.

With Avalin distracted now, Eiro could properly prove what he wanted. He quickly removed his cloak and dropped the backpack so he could get a good look at his arms and lifted his shirt up a bit so he could see his chest as well. And so he only thought of activating his new ability.

His skin was slowly turning a little grayer, and its texture also changed considerably. The whole feeling of touching something was different too, and his clothes felt like she was practically glued to him now that his skin was so rough. But somehow, Eiro's movement was not hindered in the slightest. The only thing that might have changed was his weight, but even that wasn't much of an increase.

It was mainly something that only allowed Eiro to launch heavier attacks while increasing his base defense… Especially beating him should be much, much harder now.

"...What did you just do...?" Nelli asked confused and Eiro turned to her with a smile. "Ah, my stamina has reached 100 and the ability I've gained is called 'stone stone'." The demon explained. Nelli floated a little closer to her and ran her hand down Eiro's arm before slowly shaking her head.

"Yes... But it seems to be a very rare ability. Maybe that's it..." the Naiad began, but as she did so, something else strange happened. It was as if her hand was suddenly caught in Eiro's arm. He was able to remove his hand from it fairly quickly, but it was still awkward. And Eiro immediately remembered the reason for this.

Eiro gave Clementine and Felix a quick glance and said, “Wait here.” At the same time he signs this prayer with his hands to Felix. Eiro and Nelli immediately went behind one of the nearby trees just as the demon disabled its "rock skin" ability.

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"What was that? What were you doing up there?" Nelli asked and Eiro slowly explained exactly what had happened. How [The Devil] appeared and "helped" Eiro in a strange way, and how [The World] left the Major Arcana card behind.

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And of course how Eiro applied for the next [The World].

"Are you... are you feeling okay? Hasn't anything changed in you? Don't you want to destroy all life on the planet?"

"Of course not, don't be ridiculous. I don't know, I feel a bit more…connected to everything? Like the world around me is just a part of me. Gondos has said that before, but I was also a little reckless on the mountain with Sammy on my back," the demon explained to Nelli, slowly reaching out for a small marble from its hiding place. It was just a simple Shadow Magic Stone. since it was the main stone that Eiro actually used to fuse with his body.

He pushed his mana and then poured shadow magic into his hand. And immediately Eiro noticed the difference. Normally, he would basically wrap his skin in a fine black mist with his Shadow Magic Stone, but now… Eiro slowly clenched his fist and punched the tree next to him. What happened was that Eiro's fist turned into black smoke after hitting the grenade. His fist didn't quite disappear, of course, it was as if he had been squeezed slightly. Eiro could also feel the bark hitting his wrist quite normally.

When the demon instinctively withdrew its hand, the shape of its hand returned to normal. “It's a new skill…” Eiro began, “it's called 'Small Elemental Fusion', and just from the sound of it, I can…”

"Fusion with elemental magic correctly, actually. But if that's the case, you and I try to merge?" Nelli asked, and Eiro slowly looked at the ghost.

“Maybe it looks pretty intriguing anyway. I mean, imagine if that was actually possible. It would make the fights a lot easier.”

"Yeah, but it's not permanent, is it?" Nelli asked and Eiro immediately shook her head. "I doubt it.

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After thinking for a moment, Nelli looked deeply into Eiro's eyes.

"If so, would you like to try Fusion, right?"

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